About our Real Estate Practice

Harrington Buck PC maintains a full service real estate practice. Our attorneys have years of experience in all aspects of real estate law.

We can assist you from start to finish whether you are:

  • buying a home
  • selling a home
  • refinancing an existing mortgage loan
  • involved in a commercial real estate transaction
  • involved in a real estate dispute
  • involved in a real estate project requiring permitting, approvals, subdivisions, variances, special permits or other municipal relief
  • faced with a title issue or claim against your land
  • creating a condominium
  • in need of an easement, covenant or complex legal documents

We handle a large volume of real estate closings throughout the entire states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. There is an endless array of pitfalls and issues that can arise in the course of a real estate transaction. When they do, only a seasoned real estate attorney can provide you with the good experience-based practical advice that you need.

Be sure to call us as early into the process as possible. There is no fee for initial consultation and nearly all real estate transaction services are provided on a flat fee basis. The sooner we are involved, the better able we are to protect your interests.

If you are involved in a real estate closing being handled by our firm, please visit our Real Estate Closings Site.

In addition to our transactional real estate practice, we also represent builders, developers, homeowners and condominium associations. Our attorneys have vast experience drafting complex real estate documents, leasing arrangements and condominium documents.

Real Estate Transactions

Our staff has decades of experience handling thousands of real estate transactions. Every closing is handled by a seasoned real estate attorney. When things go wrong or issues arise, we are not affraid to jump into a phone booth, put on a cape and do whatever it takes to get your deal back on track. Our staff and attorneys routinely resolve title matters that otherwise derail closings. When the unexpected happens, we offer the flexibility often necessary to make your deal happen - whether it be closing at an odd hour, place or with unusual arrangements.

If you are involved in a real estate closing being handled by our firm, please visit our Real Estate Closings Site at superclosings.com.

Realtor Section

Purchase and Sale Agreement Order Form coming soon

For any transaction that we will be representing either the buyer, seller or lender, simply submit this form and we will prepare the purchase and sale agreement. No need to do it yourself or have your admin prepare it. We'll prepare the agreement as a courtesy at no charge.

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